Joint-stock Company ôTyazhpromelectroprojectö is a legal successor of the Ukrainian State Project and Project-Construction Institute ôTyazhpromelectroprojectö, the eldest in the country.
This Institute possesses more than 80 years experience of electrotechnical equipment projecting for the enterprises of mechanical engineering, chemistry, electric power stations, physical power plants of thermonuclear synthesis and metallurgic complex: coke batteries, agglomeration factories, blast-furnaces, ferroalloy and electric steel-smelting furnaces, martin and converter workshops, machines of continuous founding of half-finished products, rolling mills of different types and aggregates of rolled metal treatment, ore and coal transferring and many other objects of different destinations.
To produce the production of high quality at the modern level the Institute is supplied with necessary equipment, computer technique as well as the means of communication used in the projects realization.
The Institute possesses qualified specialists, industrial premises, considerable found of normative and information documentation and technical literature. The archives department of projects includes near 1 millions units keeping.
We hope, that information of this website causes to take interest to you and be pleased to cooperate with us.

Kindly regards                   
Chairman of the Board
Oleg S. Sokolovsii