JSC “Tyazhpromelectroproject” accomplishes all stages of projecting works for objects of metallurgy, chemistry, enterprises of mechanical engineering and other branches of industry, built, reconstructed and technically supplied with modern equipment including the following:
  • technical and economic substantiation of investment;
  • project, working project, working documentation – electric part including power equipment, high-voltage electric supply 0,4-330 kV, high voltage cable and air lines, electrical lighting;
  • construction projects of automated electrical driving gear and control systems including technical information, mathematical and programming software, putting into operation and adjusting of programming software for mechanisms and complexes, putting into operation and maintenance at the period of exploitation;
  • function of designer general and contractor general to complete the order “turn key” basis;
  • pre-project investigations;
  • experimental works and production of non standard devices;
  • chief-montage and starting and adjusting works;
  • author’s supervision,
as well as the following works: sitting of orders for supply the electrical equipment, technical assistance, consultation services in a field of its activity, expertise of electrotechnical part of project, improvement of the qualification of the staff of enterprises and organizations, technical materials, normative and instructive documents and reference books.
The programmable equipment of home production, so foreign firms including SIEMENS (Germany), TOYOPUC (Japan), TELEMECANIQUE (France) are used in the designs of Institute.